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Homemade Stovetop Popcorn! Poppin' with Camille!

Well...Happy Fall Ya'll!

So, Roberta called to chat with Cathy on Monday and said that she saw an article about the increase of junk food intake in recent years! Gertie jumped in to add that she saw the same special on Fox News and that Nancy Grace not only confirmed it to be true, but added that 420 is to blame. So after explaining to Cathy that 420 wasn't the local Telamundo station on the new flat screen we purchased last Christmas, we were finally able to decide on the topic for today's blog! Homemade Stovetop Popcorn! We figured it must be a "Pantry Secret" because nobody does it anymore! 

So here's to all you 420 goers and otherwise massive munchers...for when the munchies suddenly strike you and you don't have a lot of time or money to spend on your craving for something savory and salty! It’s so quick and easy to make once you know a couple of tricks. But if you don’t know the secret, you can end up with a bowl of burnt kernels. And to someone high on marijuana that might send you into a proverbial tailspin - We wouldn't know, we're just trying to make sure your cautious!  

So leave your Moo Moo in the closet! We're going to share our secretes of popping corn! And no...not that fancy store stuff that comes in the magical microwave bags drowned a enough preservatives to paralyze a bull! We're talking about the good wholesome stuff that we sell at CherryHills Market! 

Yes...we know you call us "old" but you will soon learn that our nostalgic ways convey a culture that is laced with love, filled with fun and bound to make memories! So - if you insist on using the microwave - click here and we'll sell you an all natural cob of popcorn that you can throw in the microwave with a little of our olive oil and some salt to get an awesome popped corn! Now, if your up for some fun and memory making, let's get to poppin'! 

Here's the long and short: 

PREP TIME: 1 Min (Unheard of)   DIFFICULTY: Easy (not much is nowadays) 

COOK TIME: 5 Min (Not Bad!)   SERVINGS: 3 Servings (Just us girls!)


  • 1/2C Popcorn Kernels (or 1 cob of popping corn from CherryHills)
  • 2 Tablespoons High Temperature Cooking Oil (Try some of CherryHills Flavored Olive Oils for an extra kick! - Do I hear Truffle Olive Oil Popcorn?)
  • Butter & Salt, for Serving (Optional, but Not Really)

All in all you just need a few simple things to pull this off. A pan with a lid (A large surface area saucepan or a deeper stock pan), because the kernels will expand and fill up a small sauce pan or skillet quickly). Popcorn (obviously), and some good high smoke point oil. Now don't be alarmed, all of these are things you probably already have. If you are among the cool kids, skip a week of 420 and use some of your extra change to grab one of our flavored olive oils (like truffle olive oil) to pop your corn!  

So this is just pillow talk, but Loretta called yesterday and told Cathy that Roberta's housekeeper had quit on account of her not paying too well, so (you didn't hear it from me) but I've got her number if you need someone. 

Anyway - let's get to poppin'! It's really simple (which is good for the 420 folks), but simple doesn't mean you can skips steps or be careless! Use your head! 

Place your oil in a pan - use about 2 tablespoons of oil for half of a cup of unpopped kernels. Remember it doesn't look like a lot, but it's going to expand...all over if you aren't careful. So pop a little bit at a time, you can always do more...after this advice you'll be an expert. 

Turn the heat up to high and add 2 kernels of popcorn. Cover the pot and wait for those 2 kernels to pop. Once they pop, remove the pot from the heat, remove the two kernels and replace them with the remaining unpopped kernels. Re-cover and give it a good shake, before letting it sit for a minute or so. This is going to allow your popcorn to heat up evenly, which will help all the kernels to pop at around the same time. 

Put the pot back on the heat and wait. Every 10 or 15 seconds give the pot a good shake! In just a few minutes your popcorn will start popping!

It'll start slow and become more rigorous as it gets hotter. Speaking of...You remember Wanda? Well, I had heard that she is on bed rest. Camille told me, at BINGO this past week, that she heard that she had spent the weekend with Gene and next thing you know she was bed ridden. I can't say for sure, but sounds bad. 

Anyway, once the popping has slowed down to nearly a stop - remove the pot from the stove and it sit still for a while longer. Pour it into a large serving bowl and get ready to mix in my favorite thing! 

BUTTER! - Now this is optional, but so is drinking...I rest my case. You can go the healthy route (which is a great option too) and use some CherryHills Market olive flavored olive oil and one of our amazing smoked or flavored salts or you could just melt a luscious cube of butter and add a little salt and some chili flakes to make the perfect pour over! 

Now's your chance to let your hair down! Add some spices and salts to your butter or oil and toss your hot fresh popcorn in it! It's just like the movies, except it didn't cost $10 for a bowl. 

Okay - that's eat kiddos! In the near future we'll get wacky and make some popcorn balls out of our fresh popcorn! It's a long time harvest tradition for us, so we'll share with you our tips and techniques! 

Oh...and for all of you lazy bones...we have gourmet popped popcorn with some pretty amazing flavors available at CherryHills Market. It's pretty fantastic...so you might want to have some in the cupboard, just in case. 

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