And So It Became . . .

 “A true grass roots effort.” A chance meeting between two world travelers and a bit of kismet—that’s how it all began for CherryHills Market. 
With innately strong entrepreneurial backgrounds between them, Justin Scott and Brandon Lewis come from family roots that boast traditionally solid business intellect. Justin is from the open range of Colorado, where his family has been operating a beef cattle ranch and commercial farms for nearly a century, and Brandon hails from the Midwest’s Cleveland, OH, where he is brethren to entrepreneurs in automobile hardware wholesale, fashion design and professional athletics. 
These impactful upbringings, combined with the sincerest combination of drive and enthusiasm, have driven their passions and business mindsets and laid the foundation for their business ventures. This coupled with the values instilled through each of their diverse backgrounds—one cultivating a home and life in a tiny town in the Rocky Mountains and the other embracing the challenges of building a business in one of the nation’s most diverse historical cities—has motivated the creativity, aspiration and inspiration that founded CherryHills Market. 
On a last minute business trip to Los Angeles, Justin stumbled upon a business concept gathering that was being held in the hotel where he was staying. It was there that he was drawn to the wit of a young actor who was eager to begin conversing. Fueled by their thirst to become influential leaders and entrepreneurs and their passion to share creativity in design, curated collections and flavor, Justin and Brandon found themselves discussing past travels, their ardor for business and, unknowingly, the blueprints for what was about to become the “dot com” version of CherryHills Market. 
Of that chance meeting in the historic Art’s District of Los Angeles came the birth of—boasting inspired collections of hand-crafted, hand-selected, curated goods that appeal to the seekers of the witty, the unique and the eclectic worldwide. And so commenced the beginning of a relationship between two dreamers who were well-poised to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime. CherryHills Market had become a reality and was available to customers throughout the world.
“Surf City USA,” Huntington Beach, California, is home to the first brick and mortar store, nestled in one of the first boutique-style shopping centers along Pacific Coast Highway. The flagship store entirely embraced the fusion of Brandon’s sophisticated culinary palate and Justin’s keen design palette, creating a one-of-a-kind collection of curious, quirky, authentic goods. The CherryHills’ experience now involves a refined culinary component that takes Brandon’s love for flavor to a new level by featuring an authentic compilation of CherryHills™ freshly ground signature spices, infused olive oils, specialty sea salts, balsamic vinegars, teas and other gourmet food finds. Not to mention the timeless assortments of worldly goods, gift items, and home accessories all thoughtfully selected, carefully curated and always inspiring.
Inspired by the timelessness and simplicity of a rustic farmhouse and the unique shabby-chic aspect that has been embraced by modern design, the once e-commerce company with an editorial soul has now become an undeniable atmosphere of substantive and genuine with a splash of playfulness. 
“Providing access to quality products at exceptional prices is also a key component of the CherryHills Market™ recipe. Our goal is for CherryHills Market™ to be a place where our guests come to discover and be motivated by new products and styles that boast a timeless image,” says Justin. “We want to inspire members through all of their senses and make that inspiration accessible. It’s not just beautiful images, but flavors, scents and looks that customers can easily and affordably make their own—discover a unique gift or an untapped flavor—right then and there.”