Backyard BBQ Spice Blend

$ 7.95

This is the quintessential, classic barbecue rub! Our beautiful handcrafted blend takes chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables to a new level! You name it, BBQ spice hits the grill mark! With our secret combination of herbs and spices we've managed to create something pretty fantastic! The blend is savory and sweet and it caramelizes when cooked! How great is that?

When you want old school robust flavor, suitable for chicken, shrimp, pork, beef — you name it, Backyard BBQ spice hits the mark. But it also spices up casseroles, side dishes and veggies.

Used in grilling and smoking because the seasoning penetrates the meat during the cooking process, your dish will be rendered even more delicious with our aromatic blend of spices and herbs.

BBQ Spice may either be rubbed into the flesh for a short time before cooking or mixed with your favorite marinade. BBQ Spice Blend is also excellent as a base for sauces.


Hickory Smoked Atlantic Sea Salt, Organic Hungarian Paprika, Toasted Onion, Garlic, CherryHills Rainbow Peppercorns