Gourmet Peppercorn Medley

$ 8.25

Our house blend creates a robust and complex flavor profile, combining four types of peppercorns. The gourmet mix contains the robust Malabar, subtlely complex Sarawak white, a hint of sharpness from Mysore green, and finishing note of floral sweetness from the ‘rosies’. Fruity, floral and nutty notes make a great mix to grind over any dish that black pepper is traditionally used within or put in whole to soups, stews and marinades. 

Size: 4oz, Bag



Caution: Contains nut allergen (pink peppercorns)

Malabar black peppercorns, Sarawak white peppercorns, Mysore green peppercorns, Reunion pink peppercorns