Northern California RAW Honey (18oz)

$ 17.95

Enjoy the taste of honey freshly harvested from the hive! The sweet, delicate flavor and creamy texture of this truly RAW and LOCAL honey come from the nectar of a variety of Northern California flowers. Honeybees forage on blossoms of California poppies, goldenrod, California buckwheat, and other native plants to create a uniquely Californian honey:

  • Locally sourced from Northern California beekeepers
  • 100% pure and unfiltered
  • Contains natural pollens and enzymes
  • Raw - Never heated above 115°F
  • Kosher


Flavor Notes

The confectionary flavor of our Raw Northern California Honey is sweet and bright flavor with notes of citrus. The aroma is warm and toasty. This dark to very dark amber varietal boasts a smooth consistency perfect for drizzling.