Persian Saffron

$ 28.95

CherryHills Market's Coupe grade saffron is the highest quality and is not always available due to its rarity. All the threads of this premium saffron are hand selected to contain just the flavorful red threads, for the deepest flavor and color in cooking.

Persian Saffron is 3 times more potent than Spanish Saffron so you can use much less of it in your recipes. Saffron’s inimitable flavor, aroma and ability to lend brilliant yellow-orange color to foods make it one of the most sought after and expensive spices in the world. It is the dried stigma of the purple crocus flower. Although expensive, a little saffron goes a long way and nothing can match its potent color and flavor.


This "coupe" grade has powerful coloring properties and a lovely floral, grassy aroma. Due to its extremely rare nature, it is one of our most coveted offerings. Immediately upon opening, the exotic scent of the delicate flower will fill the air with their rare perfume.